Cardboard Hydraulic Front Loader- Grit building continued

This is a continuation from my post where I ranted a bit on the problem I saw with high school students- their lack of grit, coming from a lack of curiosity and desire to create and explore. See my ranting at Grit- Cardboard, Legos, and Puzzles. I also need to add that this idea is not completely my own. I was affirmed when reading The Happy Teacher Habits by Michael Linsin. I like to say grit better than perseverance, but perseverance is what I want to nurture in my children.

This is a project Abe and I did. It took a lot more time to put together, but the experience was worth it. It turned out to be not as kid friendly in putting together, since you need super glue and hot glue. Still, Abe loves the end result, and we DEFINITELY needed some grit for this project. A little too much grit, in fact. We are going to stick with lego projects and puzzles for a while after this:)

At night, we watch a couple of Youtube videos before bed at our house (even though we found out we should maybe do this NOT before bed, as shows overstimulate little kids minds). Anyway, we came across cardboard projects. Besides Ryan’s Toy Review, he requests cardboard projects to watch.

Since cardboard is readily and cheaply available, I wanted to take advantage of these great ideas we saw and do our own. Why not?! What could go wrong?

A lot actually. Abe walking off with pieces. Burning fingers on the hot glue gun. Frustration. More frustration fired by a due date I set on the project. Feel free to read some ranting on goal setting failure Stay at Home Moming- Expecting Failure.

I wanted to have step-by-step pictures for Abe to follow like he does his Legos builds, but as I said, he really could not take this on his own since he would be working with hot glue.

But, here is our building process in two parts I am afraid.

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