Make a Date Night a Business Night

1.) My husband and I would try to do a special type of date night where we would get to business. Like really, business- budgets, financials, goals, and planning. We would have an agenda, protocols, and everything. If you were looking for a different kind of business, please keep reading! Financial security, success of meeting goals, feeling supported can all lead to the other business:) I thought I would put this out there as a potential new type of date night to try. I have an “Agenda” and a “Financial Planning Spreadsheet” below to help you have a night together to figure things out, discuss the importance of each other’s roles, and get some business done.

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2.) My husband and I did a book study (I’ll admit an audiobook study, since reading is not a strength to us these days). We listened to Family Wealth: Keeping Wealth in the Family by Hughs Jr. E. It was a good listen. It has been a few years, but I really enjoyed chapters 3-10. We gained a foundation for discussing our assets. Family members are assets. We all have strengths that bring value and worth to the family. Hughs also regarded education as one of the top priority assets, which I am all about! We gained good suggestions for making a money-wise family. The book affirmed our business date nights, as it encouraged scheduled family meetings consisting of asset awareness, weaknesses and strengths, and money talk/awareness.

3.) Of course, saying to speak openly about finances is easier said than done. Some people do not have any desire for it. Also, some people, I would say many stay at home parents, have a certain burden with it. I was one. If you want to hear my burden, keep reading. If you want just a “Business Date Night Agenda”, skip down to paragraph 9.

4.) Since I was in high school I had always had a couple part time jobs. I have worked in several jobs from working at Blockbuster, when that was a thing, to waitressing to teaching. For 15 years, I had my own bank account with withdrawals and deposits. Key thing to note- I had inputs.

5.) When we had a our first son three years ago, we made the decision for me to stay home. We were in fortunate enough financial standing where I could do that.

6.) As we started to raise our little Abe, I also watched my savings account deplete. It was agonizing- a slow and steady drip of a life I used to know and live. It made me edgy, stressed, and just sad. I was still paying the bills I did prior to unemployment, so of course the day came- I had to ask my husband to transfer money to my account. I cried. Actually many weeks leading up to having to ask him, I cried over it. Why? Because it sucks.

7.) Everyone knows having children is a huge change. A brand new chapter in life you know- that is what you are prepared for. The specifics of the change are to be discovered. So much is gained when you have kids, but also so much is lost.

8.) We both went through a huge adjustment period as required for parents to do. It was not a quick adjustment by any means, but I will fast forward and highlight one of the things that brought me peace.

9.) Business date nights.

10.) As I mentioned, we would go out on a date with an agenda. We did go out, leaving our then one toddler with a babysitter. You could do this at night together too after they go to bed, get some wine or something special to share.

11.) The agenda, I created with a little loose guidance from something I lead at my school called Professional Learning Communities, or PLCs. Basically, they are structured and rigid ways of meeting with peers or partners, so authentic learning and discussions can take place. These discussions should enable everyone to talk, listen, and grow. For example, in the agenda, you will note that the goal sharing has time limits and no talking rules. We ran the agenda like a formal meeting.

12.) Please feel free to view our forms, copy and paste, and customize the sheets to your own using. The figures our just example figures (they are not ours) meant to be changed according to you. Make a date night out of it to fill out the “Financial Statement”. Share your goals. I have the agenda for doing both in one night, but maybe create two date nights.

13.) By doing these business date nights, together my husband and I have saved, invested, and continue to grow our worth. We do this together, and separately, as we meet goals and go after our dreams.

13.) To also bring in toddler activities concerning money, I will have a quick little video too of a fun money sense activity Abe and I do. He loves playing store, so I just added a little to it. I will post more about that… maybe next time.



  1. Hi Erin! I was you in 4,5,6 & 7! When I had Joey, I really couldn’t work anymore. I had a career selling real estate and then … so hard to watch that account deplete. It was definitely all worth it! xo . FYI – keep writing those math ideas down for kids and education because you will be able to use them someday. We need people to make changes!


    1. Thank you always, Sandy. I truly believe it will be worth it. I will keep writing my math and other education ideas down. I definitely agree there is a call for change in so many things, and education is where it starts- education of math, literacy, empathy, kindness, respect… That is why I love your blog! Thanks.

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  2. What a great idea. We sit down and upgrade and discuss our finances. We have never used such an organized sheet. Thank you for sharing!


  3. This is such a brilliant idea! It’s certainly important to keep a financial goal for yourself and when you’re married and have a family, sharing those goals and helping each other achieve them is definitely the best way to get there!
    I like that you’re also teaching your child about this from such young age. Keep it up!


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