Versatile Blogger Award

I am so grateful for the blogging community and the spirit of lifting each other up. The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

1.) Do a shoutout to the person who nominated you

2.) Share 7 facts

3.) Nominate at least 10 others

Thank you @god_sweetnector, for nominating me for the Versatile Award and supporting me with my mission. This is my first award ever for blogging!

Support her great mission by checking out her wonderful blog at where she writes book reviews and shares her journey of walking in her faith.

This award is just a way of spreading the love of blogs and supporting this community with its vast assortment of experiences and topics.

I am going to share some facts I would otherwise not mention, as they do not really go with my mission of my blog:

7 facts you would not know…

1.) I may or may not have ADD, but don’t we all a little. My parents wanted me tested for it in high school, so I obliged. If anyone has ever seen or taken the test, you know it can be maneuvered to create a desired outcome. So, MY test results came back that I did not have ADD, while my parent’s test came back that I did. I guess we will never know.

2.) I fit the saying- Jack of all trades; master of naught. I put my hands in a lot of projects as part of my wayward mind. I just like learning, trying new things, and gaining experience. My husband also shares the passion for trying new things. We have done things from beekeeping to world travel.

3.) I like math. I say I am master of naught, but I am pretty good with math. I do have my degree in mathematics and teaching. With that said, I am no good with mental math. You could tell me do 14 times 15, and I would get flustered. I used to try to sell math like it was the best thing to know. Really, its the problem solving aspect of it and the confidence in failing a lot to arrive at a solution.

4.) I get easily flustered in social situations and encounters. I am one of the most unwitty people you may meet. I think it is because I am a slow thinker. I think of good comebacks a day too late.

5.) My husband and I have a small LLC for owning and renovating real estate. We have purchased three homes now and successfully renovated/restored them to resell. We were able to roll the income we got into investing in some rental properties. Flipping is a great outlet for my husband and I, but it is also A LOT of work. With two young kids and also fixing up a fixer upper we just moved into, we have put the flipping homes on hold.

6.) I am adopted. I was born in Korea to an amazing family who could not afford to raise me. My biological mother sacrificed a lot to have me. My father and mother secretly gave me up for adoption which brought me to the loving arms of my parents and sister here in the U.S. Later on, I did find my biological family. My mother had passed away a year before I did my search. That is maybe the one regret I have- that I did not do my search a little earlier, so I could tell her everything happened how it was meant to happen. We are all connected now. My life is so amazingly blessed with family. I have 5 amazing sisters.. unfortunately, 4 live in Korea and 1 in Australia- the other side of the world from me

7.) I am a Christian. Call me a bad Christian, but I walk with family and friends who are Buddhists, Christians, Non-believers, etc. and I love them all the same. I am not the one to judge. NO ONE should be ashamed for beliefs where loving, helping, and supporting is their way.

So that was a lot. I will not likely do something so off track from my usual mathy and educational things, unless someone is SOO kind to push me outside of my comfort zone again. Thanks again, @god_sweetnector.

Now, I nominate some of the blogs I follow: 09



  1. Such an interesting list of facts! Great to know that you have now reunited with your family!
    And I love number 7! Only God is the one that is to judge people, as for us, we should all be accepting, loving and welcoming of each other regardless of belief, color, or race. 🙂 Oh and thank you for the nomination! ❤


  2. Hi Erin! Thank you so much for this wonderful honor! It means so much to me that you bestowed me with this award. I loved learning all this about you and don’t know where to begin. Yes – I believe you are right and we all have ADD, at least us moms do. I think it’s so cool you guys buy and flip houses for a hobby. Beekeeping?? My daughter has a kitchen cabinet of just different kinds of honey and that is her souvenir she buys herself wherever she goes. I can see there is a beautiful story about your family from Korea and I hope you get to see them soon. Maybe even write about that?
    You are a good Christian because you walk with everyone! I just loved all seven of these things and look forward to getting to know more amazing things about you.
    Thank you again, Erin and much love to you! xoxo


    1. Sandy! You are so welcome. Nominating you is my honor. I am so glad to have found you. You are one of the first blogs I found on this journey, and your mission of kindness and being a support of others is truly inspiring. Thank YOU, Sandy, and so much love back to you!


  3. Btw, I relate to a lot of your numbers. Not the math ones (lol), but definitely the one about the LLC and being a Christian. My husband and I also have an LLC, but we are still waiting on our first flip to sell. Pray it does! Glad to hear you’ve been very successful!


    1. That is awesome! It is always fun to connect. I really appreciate the Versatile Blogger Award posts!
      I hope you have great success with your flip! We have done just the three. We hope to do more, but it is a fine balance of time and money. Best wishes. I hope to find out how it goes.

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