How We Are Learning Our Letters

I have mentioned this before, but I kind of kicked myself when I learned I should teach lowercase letters to my toddler. Just one of my many mistakes.

I got a little crafty, and I made a felt letter matching game. It is pretty crafty relative to my typical craftiness. I may have tried to compensate a little for my previously mentioned mistake.

I have some of my letter felt boards for sale at my ebay store. Here is a link-.

We call it the letter game where we match the “baby” letters to their “mommy” letters. I have that video of us playing that game down below.

Other ways we are working on letters

We are of course reading a lot. I can still remember going to our first story time at our public library. Abe was about 1.5 years old, and he was running around everywhere. It was really tiring for a mom and a lot of fun for him. Luckily, our librarian and the other parents there smiled kindly on us and my struggle.

These days, he LOVES sitting down to read. While we read, I have him find all of the s’s on the page. We are sounding out words together. He is not quite there yet, but we celebrate when we figure out a word together.

We also are working a lot with writing his name. He has a lot of fun TRYING to spell things. I just always take the time to make sure we play writing when he wants. We make lots of words and then show Dad when he gets home.

Keep the pressure down

I will be honest and say he showed frustration with this game. We are taking a break from it right now. Sometimes he shows frustration, and he just wants to read the book. That’s what I do then. I learned when potty training, kids do things when they are ready. Trying to push things on the little ones tends to cause push back and a not so great learning experience.

I have since added cards which can be stuck into the pockets of the letters. They provide a clue, and I hope a visual for helping Abe learn the phonics of the letters. For example, the “Ii” pocket has an igloo on it. So, I hope he sees I or i, and he can visualize the igloo and know the sound. I think I am going to also put two hint cards in the letters with two sounds.


  1. I really admire that “kids learn when they’re ready” thought. I think you’re absolutely right. There’s no point in pressuring your child to learn anything. There’s plenty of time for them to do so at their own pace.
    And oh my god I love your video! He looks like such a smart child! And this game is very creative and fun, and it also makes them move not just sit tied to a desk and write stuff. Amazing!


    1. Thanks so much! I have to get a little creative with him. He is a smart boy, but he is not always interested in the games I hope he would want to play. He loves the “catch me if you can games more than anything”, and he would play outside running around all day if I let him. Everything is baby steps, and you are so right there is not point in pressuring. Thank you for your support and time, Ray!


  2. I love your crafty idea and your approach to teaching the alphabet. I plan on giving this a try. It sounds like a fun learning activity for little ones.

    xx, Shar


    1. Thank you, Shar! It is a little tedious to cut out the letters just to warn you, but we really have benefited. We just played this game this morning! We had taken a small break from it, since he had been getting frustrated. I am able to see a lot of development with his letter recognition.


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