Our Fixer Upper Home

I was pregnant with our second baby, when my husband found another job. I was really pregnant when he moved two hours away from our very first home we had ever owned, and started his new position as well as starting demo on a fixer upper home we had found, fell in love with, and very gratefully bought.

I was REALLY pregnant, as I tried to nest in a fixer upper home. My nesting did not consist of me rearranging the threads of straw just so. Oh no. We were birds trying to make a nest from scattered remnants… IN A WINDSTORM.

We were definitely the expecting parents, praying for as much time as possible. Our second son was actually pushing two weeks past my expected due date. Then, the prayers quickly reversed for me.

Everything worked out as it should have.

Maybe we should have just hired a moving company… Maybe we should have not bought the fixer upper we did. That was a year ago. Now we can look back, laugh and just love, love, love our home and where we have found ourselves.

Again, everything worked out as it should have.

As I realized the anniversary for living in our home approached and I wanted to post about it, I started to think of all of the projects still to be wrapped up. There is a lot of trim work needed (stained, poly’ed, and installed throughout the home). Floating shelves need to be made and hung in the kitchen to finish it up. Oh, and I would also like to make a modern bench table. We need new entrance doors. There is a painting I have just started to go on one of our many bare walls. Eventually, we would like to have an electric fire place feature wall.. We need to landscape, reside, decorate,…. The list of to-do’s for owning a new home is never ending.

I felt, I should have scurried to push for these finishing touches to get done for this. I needed to have put some pressure on using Parkinson’s Principle as a tool, things take as long as the time allotted. The caulking I need to do around the bathroom we are working on would take me maybe 30 minutes, yet it is now taking me a month and 30 minutes since I have added a month’s worth of procrastination to my process. Setting self due dates can be very powerful. I will actually go ahead and say my due date on that is tomorrow,

With that said, I had to be kind of intrigued. I did that thing. I did that silly, human thing of feeling insufficient and doubtful. We have worked our tails off fixing up our home, and all I could think of was what was left and how we had “fallen short.” I even wondered if I should post this post.

Social media has done that to us. The pressures of “perfection” in beauty has now been extended to our homes, our families, and our whole lives.

So, I am going to post this. Despite a lot of imperfections, I’m going to show our house as it is. I couldn’t resist cleaning a bit, but I accepted the house is not clean by the typical Pinterest standards. Truthfully, I am taking a bit of a lazy way out here, but this is the real me.

When I post these, I want to tell you we are proud of our work and where we have gotten in this year. My husband and I live on the edge- on the edge of messy, wild, and chaotic. But we make a good team as we raise a family, take on projects, start new jobs, make new friends, work on our small business, and work together. When I look at all we have done, how could it not be messy, wild, and chaotic!?

We transformed our home, but mostly we are growing and truly living the dream which requires struggle and figuring things out.

Baby steps. Embrace the slow, imperfect, and chaotic baby steps. They truly are more precious than a sprint.

Living room


Abe’s Bathroom


Abe’s Bedroom

Thanks for reading! Also, I was so honored to be a guest blogger on The Ray Journey talking about our experiences in flipping and renting out homes. Join me there and learn SO much from Ray about financial freedom.


  1. Your home is beautiful. I am getting married next year and we are interested in flipping houses and rental property. Your blog was motivation for us to continue to research this option.


    1. Wow!! First, congratulations on your engagement. What an exciting time! I hope you are enjoying the planning, the anticipation, and the everything of preparing for the wedding. I hope it is not too stressful!

      Also, I am so glad I gave some motivation. I somehow missed this comment until now (I forgot I had to moderate some!), but THANK YOU for taking the time to make this comment. This has made my day. Let me know if you ever have any questions. We have found we really like the real estate business of renovating and renting! It is stressful and enjoyable at the same time. Also, if you check out where I guest blogged on therayjourney.com, I did kind of go over some of our pros and cons we saw in our experiences.

      Thank you!


    1. Thanks, Natalie! This means a lot coming from you. Your home and your DIY projects are really amazing. I always admire your step-by-step posts of them. It takes a lot when you are working, SWEATING over some of these projects. To add on the documentation and the pictures that you do is something I very much respect.


      1. Thank you! It does add work, but sometimes after working hard you think, “I must tell others!” It makes it worth it if someone else can have it a little easier 😊


  2. I don’t know how I missed this blog?! Your home looks beautiful! You guys did a great job. I probably haven’t told you this, but my favorite go-to show every night is “Love it or List it” and House Hunters. I used to sell Real Estate until Joey was a year old.

    Also, we have been in our house for 21 years and have done almost nothing! The only time we did work, was when our then 16 year-old, was cooking and started a fire so we got our kitchen cabinets redone, new appliances, granite counter top and floor. That was 18 years ago! Hahaha!

    Lastly, I am ok with not keeping up with social media standards. Most of it is bologna anyway.

    Love ya!



    1. Thanks, Sandy! I really like “Love it or List it” too. I also loved “Fixer Upper”. If I were more talented, and my husband was more carefree and funny, I would have loved to be next Joanna and Chip!! Haha!

      Oh no!! A fire!? Scary, but I am glad it seems everyone was okay- a lot of damage though! A fire would definitely move you to do some work. Geesh! We had quite a bit of motivation with getting it in livable, safe conditions for our babies. When family and friends came to visit, we would always have a surge of productivity too. Haha. Nothing like the in-laws coming to try to make the house look decent.

      And on your last note, me too!! We have to just do what we want! Social media can really cause such unhappiness otherwise for so many reasons. It is super bologna! Cheers to that. Love you too! Thanks!


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