Birthday Party Weekend in Kansas City

Last weekend, we had a family weekend in Kansas City, Missouri to celebrate Abe turning 4! I cannot believe my toddler is 4. Is 4 still a toddler? The threenager stage is over now, right? The ages 4-12 is perfect angel stage, right?!

In all seriousness, my heart cannot be more full for my little guy- except for the fact that in parenting, your heart fills more and more somehow.

Anyway, Kansas City was a blast, and I write this week to highly recommend it for a family weekend getaway! I would love to share what we did for anyone considering a trip to Kansas City or looking for things to do there.

I do want to mention I skipped last weekend on blogging, and I am sorry. It had been a very busy week. Little vacations, no matter how little can be a lot to plan and prepare for. Baby Grant was also sick with a temperature that got up to 105.1 F! So stressful! He had some sort of virus and an ear infection. On top of that, it turns out he is also allergic to penicillin! Of course, all of this happened a couple days prior to when we were to leave.

He did get better enough for us to carry out our vacation, and needless to say, it was a huge relief when we had a good, healthy time together.

Kansas City Itinerary

Friday Evening/Our Arrival

Fritz’s – We arrived in Kansas City at around 6:30 pm and went to this restaurant for dinner. Fritz’s is a restaurant where you call in your order on a telephone at the table, and the meal is delivered to you by a little TRAIN from overhead. Abe loved it, and so did we.

They really had good prices, but the portions were kind of small. That would be our one complaint. We ended up ordering another burger for the train experience, and so we could fill up.

Our dessert hamburger being delivered.

They did have a nice free BIRTHDAY SUNDAE. Here is Abe ordering it on the phone.

We ordered the Big R, and then a cheeseburger for Abe. I was confused by the “2 Onion Rings & Reg. Size French Fries,” I thought it would be two orders of onions rings… which was kind of equally weird to the 2 onion rings we got as pictured.

Like I said, we needed some more.

Sleep Inn and Suites Hotel

We chose this hotel for its “water park” and also continental breakfast. I would choose a continental breakfast over luxury/ritz any day because that is the kind of person I am.

This was a comfortable stay for $122 a night with one king bed and a pull out couch. I usually do Airbnb, but we wanted the water park for Abe.

The continental breakfast was nice- waffles, hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs patties, sausages, bagels, yogurts, porridge, cereals (frosted mini wheats, cheerios, and raisin bran).

The water park was fun, but I do not know that it should be called a “park.” It had two pools, one that was 5 feet for swimming, and one that was 3 feet for playing with a little slide, fountains, and some tipping bucket things. There was also a large spiral slide. Abe was just under the 42″ line for being able to ride the slide. We probably could have had him do it, but he did not want to without us, and we never found out if we could go together. They give us two wrist bands to ride the slide with our stay.

The one complaint was it was located 25 minutes northeast of the down town area, which is where all of our events were on our itinerary. Next time we might try a hotel with a swim pool closer in. Abe just likes being in the water, so any pool hotel in the down town would be what we would do next time.


There was an Annual Dragon Boat Race Festival going on the weekend we were there. We chose going to that right in the down town instead of our original plan.

Deanna Rose Park (Free-$3/person). The original plan was the Deanna Rose Park. The dragon boat races were fun, but I wished we would have had time to also do this. The cost is $3 a person for the day, and free after 2 pm. The park is huge (see aerial map) with petting zoos, gardens, a butterfly garden, many activities to bring kids back in time kind of- wagon rides, a blacksmith shop, bottle feeding for baby animals, crafts… It is located in Overland Park, so this was partly why we didn’t go. On top of our drive from our hotel into the central area of the city, the park would have been another 25 minutes out. If we had stayed somewhere in the city, this wouldn’t have been so bad.

from the Kaleidoscope website

Kaleidoscope (Free) This was a fun, free event located right in down town, and in the Crown Plaza, which is where we had eaten dinner before. We parked in the Crown Plaza Parking Garage, which was free on weekends and attached to the shopping mall. We followed a maze of signs to the Kaleidoscope building. They have sessions which are 50 minute sessions. You enter a fun creative zone where you get a bag to put all of your creations in. We walked out with silly, party hats, a puzzle, stickers, paintings, and crowns. It was a short thing to do, but we would definitely go here again.

Crayola Cafe (pricey)

It occurred to me looking at this picture I took, others may have been knowledgeable it would not be great. It kind of screams overpriced…

We went to the fun looking cafe right in the Crown plaza. I would not go here again. The food was pretty mediocre and very expensive. The perks is a bucket of crayons are on the table and a place mat to color. Abe also did get a BIRTHDAY SUNDAE again here with a cherry on top. He also got a balloon. Win for him, a loss for our wallets. I honestly would have rather just gone to Fritz’s again on the lower level of the Plaza.

Masabi (expensive)- We went out for sushi near our hotel for dinner. It was located only 4 minutes from our hotel, which will not help us much for next time since we will try a new hotel. But, it was very good. We had been craving sushi since it is hard to come by. I would say Iowa is not known for its sushi. We were completely satisfied and full after our visit here. This was a splurge “money-unwise”. The lunch specials look pretty good though. If there is a next time, we would do lunch here.

Sunday/Main Event Day/Departure Day

LEGOLAND! ($29.95/person, so pricey)

This is what why we went to Kansas City. The weekend was for Abe, and Abe LOVES Legos. Kansas City was the perfect destination for our birthday boy.

On the back of I think of most packages of Legos, there is a free child’s admission to any LEGOLAND with the purchase of a ticket full price. I forgot ours at home that we clipped out, so we went ahead and bought another cheap packet at Target $5, so we could save $25 for Abe’s ticket. Still, it was pretty pricey, costing $65. I bought one ticket online for $24.95 to save $5.

I will go ahead and say we loved it though. We spent about 5 hours there, and we could have done more had we not had a 3.5 hour drive to get back home.

There are 10 different “build rooms” or themed rooms. We built and created! We put things on display. We raced cars. We did some fun activities including a couple of ninja challenges in the Ninjago room. One was a laser beam maze, which we LOVED, but I couldn’t video since it was dark.

There were also two rides, perfect for Abe. One I could not film due to rules, but it was a pirate like ride where you would laser shoot targets along the track. The other one was a merry-go-round except with height changes. You could pedal and control your height.

It really was not too busy. There were a lot of people there, but it was not congested. We never had to wait in lines, except for the movie which started at a certain time, so people lined up. We wondered why it was not more busy that Sunday and chalked it up to the price.

One con besides the whole price thing was a rule for no outside food, so we ate at the Starbucks Cafe there. I bought a wrap for $7, and hubs bought a pizza for $5. His was just like a little mini pizza. He was still very hungry after. Abe got the best deal with two little bun sandwiches, a pudding, and a drink for $6.

Thank you for reading. I hope this gives some ideas for anyone trying to enjoy the Kansas City area! We hope to go again! Until next time, take care and I hope you are enjoying the summer days. 



  1. Hey Erin – Glad to read this and see you are back. Oh my goodness, Abe is adorable and happy birthday to him! I had no idea about the Legoland coupons on the back of legos. I know so many people that have been to Legoland, including my daughter, and I know it is expensive – so that is a great tip I will pass on. That Fritz’s looked like a lot of fun and like something my grandkids would love. Legoland … I would go crazy with those big ones and want to build a really cool, color-coordinated big house. xoxo


    1. Thanks, Sandy. I am glad to be back. I was just in a little funk. I really appreciate your support. Abe is adorable, isn’t he? I just can’t believe how fast they grow. Yes! The coupons on the back are super savers! Legoland was really great, and we will likely do it again since he has such a love for it, but man, it is expensive. I think that is a pretty funny touch you would do your big house color-coordinated.

      Again, thanks for your support. I am getting back into the swing of things. I actually read your posts, but I couldn’t comment on my phone. I am off to your blog now!! Love you, friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow that does sound like a much fun vacation!
    Though the small food amounts in that restaurant would have frustrated me a bit xD but that train thing is so cool, I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere before!

    The Deanne Rose park, even though obviously meant for children, sounds like a place I would want to spend a day in. I mean gardens and animals, what’s not to love? lol
    hopefully you’d get a chance to go there next time!
    Legoland sounds like a dream destination for children though! xD

    I think you guys did more than an amazing job to make it an unforgettable birthday for Abe.

    Belated happy birthday to him!


    1. Hey, Ray! Thanks. We really did have such a good vacation. I THINK he will definitely remember his birthday. I’ll probably keep reminding him of it, so he doesn’t. Haha! Yes. Next time I will plan to get to the Deanne Rose Park. It did really look great. I actually have fun in doing most of the events meant for children. Having kids is like an excuse to do kid stuff again.

      Thanks so much, my friend. I will be making rounds to catch up with my blogging tonight!

      Liked by 1 person

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