Happy Earth Day

Earth Day has brought up some motivation for me to write TWO posts in one week. I have some Earth Day activities I wanted to share. In my last post, I mentioned how I really feel for those who are trying to homeschool right now and had no anticipation of it. Here are maybe some Earth theme ideas which I have done the prep work for you, and maybe just maybe your preschoolers or young aged kids can take them on and fill a good chunk of time.

Find your child a pen pal:

Abe has a friend he likes to play with, and I will be honest and say I miss the playdates with his mom, who is my good friend. We have had our boys become pen pals, trying to make activities for each other. If your child can read/write, it is a great time passer and lesson for them to work on their writing and reading. If they are learning to read/write, the pen pal aspect has been good motivation for Abe to take on some learning activities from his friend (my clever friend) has made for him.

Phone Picture Scavenger hunt: Click here for my Earth Day Appreciation Scavenger hunt. There are three different versions to pick from.

I will have Abe go out and look for these things, and I will give him my phone. It turns out he knows how to get into the camera of my phone and go crazy.

I will have him take pictures as well as check off from the Scavenger Hunt checklist I included the link to above. We will send our penpal our pictures as well as their own scavenger hunt and ask them to take pictures to return to us.

Make a Recycled May Day Basket: Use recycled items to make a May Day basket for neighbors and friends. We will be making these with plastic bottles and hopefully putting some of our starters in there for them. But, I feel like kids could really make a lot of baskets with recyclables which you can fill with goodies and place on doorsteps.

Make a word find for your friend: Click here for the Excel template “Create Your Own Earth Day Word Find”

This will get your child thinking of earth related words. Maybe have them sound out the word to spell them. I am going to have him find the letters on the keyboard and attempt to type them in. Here are directions for an older child to use the Excel sheet. They can print it out, and send for your friends to do to keep them busy!

Step 1: Fill in the blue spaces for who the word find is from and for.
Step 2: Fill the word bank, the green spaces with words about our Earth
Step 3: Place your words in the box by placing the letters of the words next to each other is the spaces.
Step 4: Hide your words by filling in the leftover spaces with extra letters within the box.
Step 5: Make the directions in the yellow space, telling your friend if you just made horizontal words, vertical, and or diagonal


  1. I like that whole scavenger hunt idea! That would be fun to do with the grandkids if I ever get to see them again! It’s been way too long. xo


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